+ 1:1 lessons

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student,  a 1:1 gives the opportunity to learn at your own pace and refine skills and techniques specific to your needs.   

We are currently offering following instrumental tuition:

piano, flute, guitar, voice, cello, viola and violin

If you are looking for any other instruments please let us know and we find you the right teacher.

+ Group lessons

Learning in a group can be a fun and social experience. If you are interested in setting up a group get in touch.  
*Musical groupings:  If you would like to work with or practice with another musician we can put you in touch and facilitate the practice.

+ Cross discipline practice

Dance, music, yoga and bodywork can compliment each other, helping develop body awareness, coordination, listening skills and mindfulness. 
By understanding your goals and being attentive to you during lessons and in the consultation, we can build a plan that will suit your needs and give you a well-rounded approach to your practice. 
Example 1: Creating a musical awareness and strength in the body through dance can facilitate a more in depth connection to an instrument.
Example 2: A specific plan of yoga stretches and mindfulness exercises can prepare the body and mind for better musical and dance practices. 

+ Parallel teaching

Why not take a dance or yoga lesson, or even a bodywork session whilst your child, partner or friend is having their lesson? ACE can offer lessons simultaneously or within the same day to different members of the family or friends. It saves you time and the hassle of transport, and ensures you great quality sessions at your home!
Example: A yoga lesson for a parent while the child learns piano.  Or a dance lesson for one child, while another learns an instrument and the parent has a massage.

+ Workshops

We offer single or cross-disciplinary workshops in dance, sound and yoga. 

These workshops are offered to all ages.  Get in touch to discuss possibilities.

+ Mentoring and consulting

ACE offers mentoring to support your goals, with professionals available in each field offered by the collective. Holistic and life coaching aspects can also be included, as well as help preparing for exams and auditions.

ACE can also organise consultations for parents and guardians on how best to facilitate their child’s goals and support their practice.