+What do we offer?

We offer music and practice lessons for individuals and groups as well as workshops and private concerts.

We are specialized in working in collaboration with very young teachers and artists who are still studying themselves.

Most of our instrumental teachers are studying at the Royal College of Music or at the Royal Academy in London. The cooperation between mentor/experienced teacher and still studying educator is our very unique concept.

All lessons are bespoke and suitable for beginners and advanced students.

 +Who are we?

We are a cross-disciplinary collective of artists and teachers offering bespoke creative education through personal tuition and mentoring.

As professionals we constantly develop and enrich our work, which feeds our teaching. 

We believe in an individual centered approach that nurtures creative thinking, transferable skills and focus.

+ What are we doing?

We develop each student's full potential through single or cross-disciplinary support and exploration, within a collaborative relationship.

We start with a meeting,  discuss possibilities and goals and develop an individual plan for the education of the student. 

+ Why does it matter?

Developing in creative fields fosters the confidence to explore new ways of thinking.

Creative individuals display tenacity, resilience and lateral thinking, key components to achievement.

+ What makes us special?

ACE offers you a variety of services through a wide network of professionals who share a holistic and cross disciplinary approach.

We cultivate a perspective that enables us to explore other avenues of development to support the student’s main focus.

Together we design your unique program footprint, whether you are looking for straight forward tuition or well rounded creative development.